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Brigadine (internal view)
by Gaius Cornelius
via Mediawiki Commons
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Brigandine is a form of armor in 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons.

Brigandine Armor
Brigadine armor is overlapping metal plates riveted to a heavy cloth covering. It covers the torso but not the arms. Howver, pauldrons and arm armor (rerebrace & vambrace) were not uncommon to be worn with briandine. It was worn over a gambeson (a padded undercoat, included in the weight and cost). It often buckled on, opening in the front, making it easier to don and doff by yourself than a breastplate. Its heavy cloth covering was often decorated making it fashionable.

It was easier (and cheaper) to construct (and repair) than a breastplate or split armor.

The name briandine came into use due to brigans often using it as it could often be mistaken for more civilian attire (hiding its armor nature).

Armor Type AC Strength Stealth Weight Cost
Brigandine Medium  14 30 lbs 100

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