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Rules Dependency
The Phoenix Ash rules are dependant on the Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition System Reference Document (SRD-OGL v5.1), or SRD5. The following rules will parallel these rules and note differences between them.

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Phoenix Ash
Campaign Setting

Level and Experience Points

Experience points (XP) is an artificial marker of life experience. As a character progresses in its life and adventures, it learns how better to avoid danger and take advantage of its best aspects. Similarly, level is is an artificial division or checkpoint on this journey. Often, a character will gain hit points (see below) and proficiency when it gains a level. Characters usually start with 0 xp at level one, and the GM awards xp for good role playing, achievements, and advancing the story..

Building Kalor

Kalor is starting at 1st level (0 xp), so her Proficiency Bonus is +2.

Character Advancement

As your character lives out his life and goes through adventures, he will gain experience, represented by experience points (xp). When a character reaches a specified xp total, advances in capability. This advancement is called gaining a level.

When your character gains a level they gain certain advantages as indicated on the Character Advancement chart below.

XP Total Level Proficiency Bonus Hit Dice Proficiencies Notes
0 1 +2 1 3 weapons or armor type, 1 tool, 2 skills, 2 languages Proficiencies are in addition to that provided by species and background
300 2 +2 2 1 additional
900 3 +2 3 Mutation/Modification
2,700 4 +2 4 1 additional Ability Score Increase/Feat
6,500 5 +3 5 Gain extra attack
14,000 6 +3 6 1 additional Mutation/Modification
23,000 7 +3 7
34,000 8 +3 8 1 additional Ability Score Increase/Feat
48,000 9 +4 9 Mutation/Modification
64,000 10 +4 10 1 additional
85,000 11 +4 11 Mutation/Modification
100,000 12 +4 12 1 additional
120,000 13 +5 13 Ability Score Increase/Feat
140,000 14 +5 14 1 additional
165,000 15 +5 15 Mutation/Modification
195,000 16 +5 16 1 additional
225,000 17 +6 17 Ability Score Increase/Feat
265,000 18 +6 18 1 additional
305,000 19 +6 19 Mutation/Modification
353,000 20 +6 20 1 additional Ability Score Increase/Feat


Building Kalor

Kalor has had several adventures and found companions. She has accumulated enough experience to reach level 2. Her proficiency remains at 2. She gainst one hit die (d8) and chooses to take that standard 5 hit points rather than taking a chance and rolling for them. Because of her Con bonus, she actually get 7 (5+2) hit points. She has traded some of her treasure for a sword, and wants to become proficient with it.

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