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Setting: Pivot

A Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting

Pivot is a campaign setting for Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition.

In the 997th year of the Tsaria Empire, the world changed. The outer planes were cut off from the inner planes. The ley lines of magic shifted. This caused a complete upheaval of societies. Much magic failed and had to be rediscovered. The religious structure completely fell apart, as the deities (or any other creature of the Outer Planes including fiends.) could no longer be reached. Humans (as well as the other "civilized" races) were so disrupted that the monsters of the world retook much of their territory.


Longreach used to be the farthest outpost of the human empire of Tsaria. Approximately 210 years ago, the world changed. Some theorists say that the planes began to shift, disrupting the lay-lines of magic and the connections between the planes. The result was that governments and institutions that relied on magic or connections to the other planes were overturned. Other institutions rose from the ashes, but squabble over the pieces. During this time, the lord mayor of Longreach declared the city independent (along with the land surrounding it), allowing the dukes and earls to squabble over their own territory.

Longreach sits on the intersection of two rivers (the Evenflow and Coldrun), near the Evenwood forest and the Vertendang mountains. The nearest human state is the Principality of Ablesmith.


In the 997th year of the Tsaria Empire, the outer planes were cut off. This left the following planes:

Parallel Planes

Transitive Planes

Elemental Planes

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