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One D&D is going to be the follow-up edition to 5th edition Dungenons & Dragons (announced 8/2022 on D&D Beyond)


    • Arcane Spells
    • Artisan's Tools
    • Creature Type
    • D20 Test
      • Ability Check, Attack Roll, Saving Throw
      • Rolling a 1
      • Rolling a 20
      • Critical Hits
    • Divine Spells
    • Gaming Set
    • Grappled (Condition)
    • Incapacitated (Condition)
    • Inspiration
    • Long Rest
    • Musical Instrument
    • Primal Spells
    • Slowed (Condition)
    • Tool Proficiency
    • Tremorsense
    • Unarmed Strike
      • Damage, Grapple, Shove
  • Spell Lists

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