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Harpoon (Simple Ranged Weapon) [1]

Name Cost Damage Weight Properties
Harpoon 10 gp 1d6 piercing 6 lbs Range (15/45), Special, Thrown
by Seebeer at German Wikipedia
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A harpoon is a variation of the spear with a barbed spearhead. It often has a line attached to it.

Special: When a harpoon hits it remains embedded in the target and may not be used until freed from the target. A Large or smaller creature hit by a harpoon has its speed halved [2]. Until the barbed head is removed, the harpooned creature will take 1 hit point of damage per turn if it moves or takes an action. The barb can be removed by taking an action to pull or cut out the barbed head (causing 1d4 slashing damage to do so). If a successful Dexterity Medicine check is made when removing it, the damage from removing it is reduced to 1.

If the harpoon has a line attached, you can use an action to attempt to pull the creature toward you. To succeed at this, make a contested Strength check. If you succeed, the creature is pulled 5 feet toward you; but you drop the line on a failure. Succeed or fail, the harpooned creature takes 1d4 slashing damage. Dealing 5 slashing damage to the line (AC 10) destroys the line without causing additional damage to the harpooned creature.

Sources and Notes

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  2. Rule Tip: Round Down. Whenever you end up with a fraction in the game, round down, even if the fraction is one-half or greater, unless a rule explicitly tells you to round up. - Player's Handbook (5e) p.7, UA 2020 Subclasses Part 3.

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