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Source: Rlyehable
Date Created: 2019-12-13
Status: 1st Draft

from Wellcome Images[1]

Wyldfolk Overview

Wyldfolk are fey in the shape of anthropoid beasts. They reside in the Feywild.

All wyldfolk can speak, use tools, and a good number of wyldfolk choose to wear (some) clothing.

All wyldfolk of a kind have a culture (society).


Wyldfolk maintain all statistics from the base beast with the following exceptions:

Wyldfolk are anthropoid beasts from the Feywild. They maintain all statistics from the base creature with the following exceptions:

  1. Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma have a minimum of 8.
  2. They can speak and read Sylvan. Many can also write and know Common or Elvish.
  3. Most are size small, medium, or large.
  4. They have the type Fey instead of Beast.
  5. They can use tools and are proficient with simple weapons.
  6. Most Wyldfolk are bipedal and have hands or an equivalent.

List of Wyldfolk

Wyldfolk as Monsters

7 Wyldfolk
Monster Size Type Tags Alignment HP CR Marked Source
Wildfolk Template Template Fey, Wyldfolk User Creation Rlyehable
Wyldfolk Overview Overview Fey, Wyldfolk User Creation Rlyehable
Wyldfolk Badger Small Fey Badger, Wyldfolk Neutral 5 (1d6+1) 0 (0xp) User Creation Rlyehable
Wyldfolk Owl Small Fey Owl, Wyldfolk Unaligned 3 (1d6-1) 0 (0xp) User Creation Rlyehable
Wyldfolk Panther Medium Fey Fey, Great Cat, Wyldfolk Unaligned 13 (3d8) 1/4 (50xp) User Creation Rlyehable
Wyldfolk Rat Tiny Fey Rat, Wyldfolk Unaligned 1 (1d4-1) 0 (0xp) User Creation Rlyehable
Wyldfolk Poisonous Snake Medium Fey Snake, Wyldfolk Neutral 11 (2d8+2) 1/4 (50xp) User Creation Rlyehable

Sources and Notes

  1. Wellcome Collection gallery (2018-03-22): https://wellcomecollection.org/works/svjgqpvg CC-BY-4.0

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